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Saturday, March 30, 2013

ALLSAINTS The Biker Project: Series 1

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“The leather jacket has always epitomised freedom and rebellion through exquisite craftsmanship - all things that are key to the spirit of AllSaints. And when you consider the tribal nature of bikers, you’re dealing with a culture that by its very essence sets out to express disruption.”

Wil Beedle, Creative Director

On Monday I popped down to ALLSAINTS in Covent Garden to take a look at the first part of a series of events happening all over the globe, this one being called The Biker Project. The instillation has taken over the ground floor of the Earlham Street store and consists of 50 one of a kind biker jackets. The collection boasts some incredible pieces, one of my favourites being a black and burgundy ponyskin number. The miniature exhibition itself has quite an eery feel, what with all the jackets hanging from hooks on the ceiling. It's hard not to gawk at them - one because you have your neck craned, and two because the designs are all so diverse. I also liked that I could have a browse without the danger of rushing one (or five) to the till, seeing as they're all one-offs. I've been told some designs could make it into the in-store collections though, so time will be the teller of that one. The Biker Project is open for viewing for another fortnight, and is situated at the ALLSAINTS Earlham Street store, just off of Seven Dials. There's a cool little video about the project too, which you can check out here. What do you think of the whole thing? Are you a fan of ALLSAINTS? Is the biker jacket a wardrobe staple for you?

14 comment(s):

  1. I've never stepped foot into ALLSAINTS myself, although have had a browse on the website and like what I see. My best friend works in one of the stores so I should really pop in sometime! They seem quite pricey though! Love that biker jacket! x

  2. i love Allsaints but it sadly breaks the bank!
    More a museum visit for me ;)


  3. I really like some of the pieces in All Saints. However, they're a little too pricey for me.


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  4. Love love love biker jackets! I want an all saints one, but the price puts me off.

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  6. Amazing jackets love the styles and design. I have never bought anything from ALL Saints before but really considering it as its something I would wear so going to give their website a browse :D and wishing you a Happy Easter =^.^= x


  7. I love biker jackets, hopefully someday I'll be able to afford one from all saints!

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  8. I love the ALLSAINTS clothes, sadly I have never bought anything from there as it is so expensive but I would love to and their jackets are always lovely! xxx

  9. amazing leather jacket! ALL SAINTS are perfect - i love their classic biker/grunge look... and the quality of their stuff is amazing too!! :)

  10. I want!


  11. I adore All Saints, its just so expensive, but I would love for the majority of the clothes to be from that store - they are all just such great quality and I love the grungey type look that is pioneered in their shop

    Alexandra Lauren Rose

  12. I love biker jackets but I don't wear leather so it's a real pain trying to find a nice one! <3

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