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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Alpro Deskfest Challenge

I rarely have the time or patience for breakfast, despite the fact that it's probably my favourite meal of the day. You can practically have dessert as a meal and get away with it. Perfect for someone with a sweet tooth like me! The folks over at Alpro recently introduced me to the #deskfest challenge which is doing the rounds on all the social media platforms at the moment. The premise is basically that you share a picture of your breakfast on the likes of Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and so on and on the competition page. One lucky winner gets to jet off to New York for a weekend so it's well worth entering as you'd most likely be eating anyway. I was sent a pack of goodies (*) to try out, including Alpro's Soya Pouring Yoghurt, Almond Milk and Hazelnut Milk. Dairy often makes my throat feel a bit clogged up so I try to avoid it - especially in the mornings - so I was keen to see how the dairy-free alternatives fared. Here's what I made!

Soya Pancakes with Blueberries, Raspberries & Syrup

I am one of those people that asks for soya instead of regular milk in the queue at Starbs, however the plain yoghurt was not to my taste at all (I tried it first with oats and fruit). After some brief head-scratching I thought I could put this to use in something more food-y so the taste wouldn't be so obvious. What's the most perfect of breakfast foods? PANCAKES!

Makes 4 small (but filling!) pancakes:
65g plain flour
1/2 tbsp. sugar
235ml pouring yogurt
1 tbsp. melted butter
pinch of salt
1 egg
oil for cooking

Mix together the flour, sugar and salt in a medium bowl. Whisk the yogurt and egg and stir into the flour mixture, followed by the same process with the melted butter. Mix until a semi-thick, creamy batter is formed with no lumps.

Heat a little oil in a frying pan and add a dollop in, flattening with your spoon. Each side only needs about a minute or two, just go by eye and when it's golden brown, flip and wait again for the other side. Easy peasy!

I grabbed a handful of berries along with a unhealthy dose of syrup. These were so simple to make but SO GOOD. Fluffy and thick but not dense at all whilst still being filling. Definitely prefer making pancakes with yogurt to just milk! Bliss.

Hazelnut Frappuccino

This one was a bit of a last-minute deal. I couldn't decide between a hot or cold drink so I decided to try and recreate one of my favourite on-the-go beverages at home- the frappuccino. In retrospect I could have made this a lot more luxurious but it was just a bit of an experiment. All I did was shove a whole load of ice in the blender, along with hazelnut milk, coffee and a spoonful of cocoa powder. It was.. okaaaay and hit the spot as I drank it quickly but a creamier version would have been nicer to enjoy slowly. Perhaps a smoothie-frapp hybrid with a banana and some of the yogurt? Always a next time!

Almond Porridge with Bananas and Syrup

Last up is an oldie but a goodie- the lowly bowl of porridge. I do tend to overdo it with the sugary extras when I have porridge so I wanted to try it using almond milk instead of the regular variation. It worked a treat and was a lot sweeter which is great as I used next to no syrup and it tasted amazing. A chopped up banana along with it and I was full for hours and hours. I also had it in my tea in place of dairy and I liked it a lot more than I expected to- it smells more than it tastes and it'll help me wean myself off sugar in hot drinks. I realise this particular almond milk comes with sweetener, but they do have an unsweetened option too. I think I prefer this milk to the hazelnut version too, it's sweeter and possibly more versatile.

So there we have it! Nothing too adventurous but it's a step forward for me as I tend to skip breakfast a lot. This little challenge has certainly helped me making breakfast more and trying new things! The competition itself is taking entries for another 24 hours so if you'd like to be in with a chance I suggest you upload your #deskfest breakfast at some point tomorrow! Have you ever tried any Alpro dairy-free alternatives? What's your top choice for breakfast?

21 comment(s):

  1. This all looks so good, I'm awful with eating breakfast too but I do drink almond breeze almond milk a lot so will have to try these recipes and the new alpro products. I really love the chocolate alpro soya milkshake cartons, if you liked these you will love them! XO

  2. Very nice the pancakes look amazing! great recipe and simply too going to give it a go :D I have never tried this brand or soya milk for that matter but going to give it a shot as I always like change :-) great post x


  3. Those pancakes seem so yummy:) and i'm dying to know how that almond milk tastes!

    Meant To Attend

  4. I'm so bad with breakfast! I always buy things for it but then morning comes and I would honestly prefer an extra ten minutes in bed!

    I really want to try the Alpro chocolate milkshake cartons at the moment though! || GLASSES GIVEAWAY! xxx

  5. Oh my, these look so good! The Almond milk sounds heavenly! XO


    Enter my giveaway here

  6. Those pancakes look good! I like milk alternatives I'm not a huge fan of milk so any alternative is good for me! Almond milk is the best, I need to try Hazelnut though.

  7. I just wish Alpro was available in France!! Chocolate soya milks here just do not compare!! I have never heard of hazlenut milk?! I guess it would be great in something like a nutella milkshake- although maybe that isn't quite so breakfast friendly ha!!

  8. delicious! You've got amazing recipes for meals!!!:)

  9. this looks delish! x

  10. Looks so yummy and I love that plate!

  11. Looks like a great challenge

  12. The pancakes look super yummy haha!
    I'm hungry :D
    Great post!


  13. I love almond milk!

    talisa xx

  14. This looks very yummy! I would love to try the almond milk sometime x
    Amy |

  15. We have similar diets, for breakfast its either i indulge in the full english, go to mc.ds for a breakfast wrap or have pancakes and tea or cereal with bananas at home. Used to be an oats person but i just haven't been interested lately xx

  16. I adore soya milk its so tasty! love the pancakes!

  17. I am also really bad about skipping breakfast. I am just not hungry in the morning. Looks like I have a reason to eat it now though, at least until the contest is over . . .

  18. Look yummy as hell, didnt thnk it would work like that, Looks amazing!

    Pipp xx

  19. yay got some milk today, will definitely try the recipes xx

  20. The soya pancakes are such a good idea, I don't like regular milk but I've never thought of using a pouring yoghurt in place of milk for pancakes.

    Paige x


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