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Thursday, April 25, 2013

NEOM Real Luxury Organic Body Scrub

NEOM Real Luxury Organic Body Scrub (332g/300ml): £32*

There's not much that makes me feel more pampered and soothed than a good exfoliating session. Hot bubble bath- check. Candles- check. Glass of wine- hic! And last but absolutely by no means least.. a good body scrub. NEOM's Real Luxury Organic Body Scrub has somewhat of a cult status, and is often touted as one of the brand's hero products.

Containing a whopping 97% in organic ingredients, the scrub promises to improve circulation and remove dead skin cells to make your skin smoother and amp up the glow factor, and also enveloping the senses with its relaxing scent of lavender, jasmine and Brazilian rosewood. The Real Luxury fragrance is referred to as NEOM's 'cashmere blanket' scent, which gives you an idea of how lovely and comforting it is. The uplifting, feel-good scent lingers for a good while both on the skin and in the bathroom after you're done, and almost transports you into a daze of relaxation.

The scrub has a sugar base, mixed with fine oils such as safflower and jojoba, and also contains vitamin E for baby soft results. The texture is rather gritty but slippery at the same time if that makes sense, and I like to mix it up with my hands inside the pot to ensure I have an even amount of both types of ingredients to really get the best result from the product. Sometimes 'harder' scrubs can leave your skin sore, but the natural oils prevent this from being too harsh on the skin. Despite this, it's not actually greasy either (although I do have dry skin)- I can certainly feel that it's left on the skin, but it saves time on moisturising post shower/bath, so this is a huge plus for me.

The price definitely doesn't leave this as the cheapest scrub I've ever seen, but when you narrow it down to cost-per-use it's much easier to justify. Saying that, I don't use this every single time I exfoliate as I like to 'save it for best' - but when I run out, I'll definitely be looking out to replace it as it's so luxurious to use. Being somewhat of a tanning addict, skipping exfoliation in my skincare routine simply isn't an option, so there's all the more reason for me to love it as I see the difference when I need to shift my old tan! Of course it's a very indulgent treat, but for me it blows any cheaper scrubs right out of the water with its simultaneous dead-skin-removing and moisturising properties. The pot is also absolutely HUGE so is bound to last quite a while (I've had it for a couple of months and have about a quarter left). Soft & nourished thumbs up from me!

Have you ever tried this or anything else from NEOM? What's your favourite body scrub?

24 comment(s):

  1. Does really look amazing! Something I need to splash out on, I know the neon candles are amazing and This will definitely be too!!

    Pipp xx

  2. This sounds lovely! Really want to try it

    ♥ Filthy Fashion ♥

  3. Definitely need to try this as I'm a tanning addict too!

  4. I've heard such good things about this - I really need to try it! xo

  5. I've never tried anything from neom...this may have to be my first product! xx

  6. Sounds so luxurious! I really want to try it :)


  7. Sounds brilliant - I'm all about investing in good products, I think they'll definitely save you money in the long run in all honesty. Exfoliation and mosturisation in one tub - winner. Need to try this out!

    lots of love, Megan from xxxxx

  8. This sounds really lovely! I'm using the soap & Glory Sugar Crush one at the moment but this scent sounds amazing! Might have to purchase or add to birthday list!

    Alice xx

  9. This looks lovely! Very expensive though xxx
    Amy |

  10. This sounds so amazing! I just want to smell it

    Please check out and follow my blog! I'd really appreciate it! <3

  11. This looks divine! I've never tried neom products before but have heard lots of good things about the brand! x

  12. This looks so lovely, I love the smell of all their candles so I am sure that I would love this too! xx

    Maddy from

  13. This sounds so luxurious. I've never tried any neom products but I must! Xx

  14. this sounds so lovely, need to try some neom bits!

    B xx

  15. Now I want to try.
    Nice review!

  16. I have bookmarked this brand as its something I would buy as I love organic products especially scrubs I really like how they make your skin so soft :-) great post and thanks for sharing x
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  17. Oh my god... it sounds and looks heavenly! I've never tried anything from NEOM! xx
    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  18. This looks amazing!! I really want to try Neom products they all sound great! :) ♥

  19. Love these products and their candles but there soo bloody expensive for a uni student!
    Love the post.

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  20. I love this scrub too, it leaves such an amazing scent on my skin. I love their body lotion in the same scent and I've also tried their bath / shower oils. I loved using them in the shower rather than in the bathtub. Their scents are all divine.

    The Beauty Maniac in Tokyo


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