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Where does 'milkteef' come from?
It's a bit of a long story! A few years back, an old friend told me I should be 'too small to have braces' when I had them, and that I ought to still have my milk teeth. He's an Essex boy so you'll understand why the spelling is different. Apparently 'teef' means bitch, in Dutch, which I obviously didn't know about. Also my site has nothing to do with My Milk Toof, as I'd never heard of it!

What's your name?
Emma! A lot of people do refer to me as 'milkteef' though, which is fine. I just hate it when they use a capital M!

How old are you?
I'm currently 24 years old, and my birthday is November 30th.

How tall are you? How much do you weigh? What size are you?
I'm 5'3", I have no idea what I weigh anymore (it gets unhealthy to obsess over a number on the scales I think) and I'm a UK size 8/10.


What's your skincare routine?
I always make sure I take off my make-up before I go to bed, if I can. I cleanse, tone and moisturise twice daily, but I chop and change products and like to try new things out when my current picks run out! My skin is on the drier side of normal, perhaps combination.

Do you wear coloured contacts?
I've never worn contacts in my life! I've always wanted brown eyes, though, so I'd love to try them one day.

What's your make-up routine?
I really don't have a specific routine, it can change weekly! My modus operandi is usually a light, dewy base, pale lids with a feline flick and then any lip colour I'm feeling on the day.

Cosmetic Surgery

Why did you get a nose job?
Basically, over time, the bump on my nose got more pronounced and stuck out, which was stretching my skin out and causing some of my (awful) headaches. If I touched the skin around it, it would stay red for ages, I couldn't wear sunglasses without being in pain, and so on.

How much did it cost?
I didn't pay for it as it was done on the NHS for medical reasons. I'd probably never have disliked the bump so much if it didn't cause me pain, so it was kind of a double whammy for me.

Why did you have to have it done twice?
The first time it didn't go right, I don't know why- I just think the surgeons didn't know exactly how it would go, so they didn't shave too much off (sounds gross I know!). Thankfully it went perfectly the second time round.

Did it hurt?
Not really, I woke up both times with a sore throat (from the oxygen pipe drying it out) and like I had a cold where I was stuffy. The second time I didn't have packing up my nose, which hurt so much when taken out after my first operation! The thing I hated most, though, was the anaesthetic needle in the vein in my hand, that was left in right up until I was allowed to go home both times. They're so thin and long that they feel like they're going to snap under your skin- not good!


If you would like to advertise on my blog, or would like to send me something to feature/review, then please feel free to email me for more information regarding pricing/stats and so on. However I will only be looking to feature items/collaborate with people or companies that I feel are actually relevant to my blog and my personal interests. Thank you!

If there's anything else you'd like to know, please add a comment below! I'll answer when I can..

29 comment(s):

  1. hi sweetie, did you make this blog layout? its amazing and so unique!<3

  2. Your blog is beautiful! The only question I have is how are you able to add a background to the sides, whilst having the main section remain white? I've been trying to figure this out for a while, as I'm looking to add a background on my blog, but whenever I do, it adds it to the whole blog - which I don't really want. Any help would be greatly appreciated! xxxx

    1. it's in the body { } section of your template. add the following: background: url(); between the brackets, insert the link to the image you want as background - preview & save x

  3. i have pretty much the same question as joanna :) your blog has a really chic layout xo

  4. I have the same question about your theme: how do you customize so much? I'm quite familiar with HTML/CSS and I'm just interested in how you customize all the fonts and backgrounds and icons. :) lovely, LOVELY blog you have here, by the way!! ;)

  5. hey emma! your recent post where your in a changing room! what shop was that top in!! xx thanks in advance

  6. People should use google.

    Awesome Blog by the way, love the layout.

  7. What type of camera do you use? Your photos are really lovely!

    Btw amazing blog, just found it and already addicted (:

    Louise x

  8. Hello, I'd like to know what your theme for your blog is and where I can get it, pretty please!! xx

  9. Hey! I was just wondering if your nails are real or if you wear fake ones, and if so, which ones do you use? Your nails always look lovely!


    1. I wear Nailene full cover nails unless they're the manicure ones in which case they're either Nailene or Elegant Touch. Thanks!

  10. do you use any special lighting behind your camera setup for your OOTD pictures? like a softbox or something? your pictures are always so well lit xx

  11. I was wondering, and sorry if I missed it posted somewhere, but what breed is your dog? Just tooooo cute!

  12. what are your favourite fashion/beauty blogs? gimme some tips ;) thanks!

  13. what type of camera do you use emma? xx

  14. Hey, I'd love to know what camera you use. The quality's great.

  15. Hi lovely, firstly great blog - I'm a regular reader. I was wondering what you do as a job - noticed you mentioned that you work from home!?

    Elizabeth Daisy xo


  16. Hey, was wondering what camera did you use for your Paris trip? The pictures look fantastic x

    1. Canon 650D :) I always use the RAW feature too x

  17. Who made your layout, and what is the font of your title?

  18. my birthday is november30th too;) birthday twinnies!

  19. wow I absolutely love love love your blog x

  20. How much would it be to advertise on your blog? Bean's Beauty Blog

  21. You are so pretty!


  22. ahhh we have the same birthday!! just found your blog and I love it! x

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